Day Camp Questions

Q: Do you refrigerate the lunches for your day camps?
A: We do not refrigerate the lunches so we strongly encourage you to pack lunch in a little cooler that will last until noon.

Q: Do you have after camp care?
A: We do not have after-hours care. Day Camp closes at 3 p.m. and campers are expected to be picked up promptly at 3 p.m. If you are carpooling and have a ride arranged, please let a staff member know.

Other Camp Session Questions

Q: I just saw that your prices went up - what's the deal?
A: After many years of petitioning the University of Maryland for access to AIR-CONDITIONED dorms for our camps, we finally got it! All players and staff will be housed in a dorm on campus where each room WILL BE AIR-CONDITIONED! Along with this came an increase in cost associated with the room and board for each camper, so we had to raise our prices for the very first time in 3 years... but we think it will be well worth it!

Q: What is a day like for the Advanced Residential and Extended-Day Camp sessions?
A: Please see the Camp Highlights page for a detailed schedule of what each day will look like for all sessions.

Q: Do I need to send my son with money?
A: It is a good idea to send your camper with a little bit of spending money. All the meals are paid for as part of your camp fee, but many kids like to order a pizza at night with their friends or grab a snack throughout the day.

Q: What is the Maryland High School Elite Camp all about?
A: This camp is designed for the rising sophomore, junior, and senior in high school. It is optimally for players who have aspirations to play college soccer. Players will be grouped into teams on the first day and go right into small-sided and full-sided games where will they be watched and evaluated by some of the area's top collegiate coaches. Players will also do some physical-fitness testing conducted by the Univ. of Maryland Strength and Conditioning Staff as part of their program.

Q: Is there a difference between the Advanced Camp and the Youth/High School Elite Camp?
A: There is not a huge difference between the two camps - our staff works every camp session during the summer. The main difference is that the curriculum for the Advanced Camp includes review of basic skills and techniques that players will need to master before moving on to higher levels of play. The curriculum for the Elite Camp is done with the understanding that players do not need a review of basic skills and will be ready and able to handle more challenging technical training.

Q: I noticed that there is a High School Elite Camp and a Youth Elite Camp. What is the difference?
A: The difference is that the Youth Elite Camp is designed for players in grades 3-8. Campers will be divided up according to age first, then skill level second, and will play with other players in the same age or skill division. The High School Elite players will be grouped with other high school age players (grades 9-12).

Q: My son is a goalkeeper. Are there separate sessions for him or will he just play with his team the entire camp?
A: All camps are for both goalies and field players. For goalies we offer specialized goalkeeper training with the UMD goalkeepers. They will have Goalie training in the morning then in the afternoon be integrated with their team for small sided games. In the evening they will play full sided games with their teams.

Q: Do I need to bring a soccer ball to camp?
A: Yes. We do not supply soccer balls and each player will need one for camp. We do sell soccer balls at both registration and checkout for $25.

Q: Can we pick our roommates? Are there triples?
A: When you register, be sure to put down who wants to room with who and vice versa (i.e. if Mike lists Joe as his roommate, then Joe should list Mike). Be specific and we will do our best to accommodate. We have a limited number of triples, and they will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you request a triple and we cannot accommodate you, we will make every effort to have the odd-camper out in a room nearby.

Q: We want to send our whole team. Can you make sure they all stay together and train together?
A: It’s great that the whole team wants to come and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. We can keep them together for everything so long as they don’t completely dominate the other teams. That ends up being no good for anybody and if that were to happen, then we would split them up just for games. If you have a group coming, make sure you CONTACT US to get a group code to enter at the online registration so you get a discount!